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Konu: Drogheda is our community and Drogheda United is our club.

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    Standart Drogheda is our community and Drogheda United is our club.


    We’ve read the articles, we’ve heard it year after year and we can dress it up whatever way we like BUT here are the simple facts:

    Unless you’ve got European football to look forward to (and even then there are massive costs associated with that too), most League of Ireland clubs are now doing whatever it takes to simply survive the winter.

    They are gazing into their crystal balls to try and predict income for next season so that they can set budgets, sign players (and even managers) and pay wages to skeleton staff who will bravely attempt to keep smiling in icy cold offices as they do all those things that need to be done even in the closed season in preparation for the new one.

    Drogheda United is no different.

    We could come up with lots of great fundraising ideas but many of these require initial investment and a lot of man hours and in the end all of us (staff, volunteers, fans and friends) who love this club will be the people supporting them.

    So, let’s cut to the chase. This club and the teams that play for it are only as good as the supporters, friends, volunteers and sponsors that are behind it. We’re committed to running this club but we need your help.Call it crowd-funding, call it rallying round to make this club as good as we can make it.

    Please donate if you can. Every Euro helps.Click on the donate button, make your donation, and add your name or the name of someone for whom you would like to make the donation. We’ll put your name or the name of your choice on our People Power page and we’ll keep you updated with how much you’ve raised for Drogheda United in the box below. The page itself will be updated once a day with the latest names.

    Thank you very much for your support.
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    We need a similar drive for Trabzonspor.

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