Dear Sir or Madam,

The media states that Turkish football player Emre Belözoğlu is invited to Italy for “Interreligious Match for Peace”.

I would like to inform you that on June 2014, Emre Belözoğlu is found guilty by Turkish Criminal Court, for racially abusing and racially insulting Didier Zokora. The Court states that Emre Belözoğlu called Zokora “fucking negro” and humiliated Zokora due to the colour of his skin. (Didier Zokora is a football player from Ivory Coast who is actually playing in Turkey.). The Court sentenced Emre to imprisonment for 2 months and 15 days.

Only 2 months after Emre is found guilty, he is invited for the “Interreligious Match for Peace”. I am extremely disappointed that the organizers and sponsors are supporting and encouraging such a racist football player.

I am also surprised that Samuel Eto’o who was also victim of racist insults, is one of the organizers of the Match for Peace.

Let’s fight against racism! Please stop supporting racist football players!

Emre can NOT and should NOT play at this match!