Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Rank Trabzonspor's Forward Players

27.08.2006, 13:20
Who do you think is forward? I think Umut now, don't know how good Marcelinho is yet, he wasn't bad last match in the league but not brilliant either..

How would you say forward is ranked 1-5?
My list:

1. Umut
2. Ömer Rıza
3. Marcelinho
4.Ersan martin
5."maybe" Yattara

I think all of them are good players so I am not worried about forward in this season.

How is your rank?

27.08.2006, 13:25
Marcelinho is attacking midfielder footballer not forward player :)

27.08.2006, 13:38
Marcelinho is attacking midfielder footballer not forward player :)

good but if u look at official site of TS ,,u can easily see that forward writen in marcelinho info. Maybe it's an error but fans want 2 marcelinho score every matches.... so marce''' is in my rank team..

27.08.2006, 13:44
His real position is attacking midfielder ... He is playing forward our team

27.08.2006, 13:51
His real position is attacking midfielder ... He is playing forward our team

"He is playing forward our team" its enough 4 me I think.

"rank ur forward"

27.08.2006, 14:51
marcelinho and Yattara is not forward.They're midfielder.
But i think umut,ersan and ömer rıza good midfielder.But but the bestforward umut in them.

27.08.2006, 18:09
I can't find a word 2 describe ur imagination. I wrote in the last post if u look. maybe they can be defence player.. It's not important 4 fans those. And look at official site of TS...

Hüseyin Çümen
16.09.2006, 03:07
evrywhere we discuss also here :D

16.09.2006, 13:49
The real forwarders in Trabzonspor are: Umut Bulut, Ömer Riza, Cem Demir and Ersen Martin. I would rank them like this:

1. Ersen Martin
2. Umut Bulut
3. Ömer Riza
4. Cem Demir

16.09.2006, 14:22
yes my goal getter al follows 1.umut bulut 2.ersen martin 3.omer riza 4.cem
thats mine.;)

Murat Aydın
09.01.2007, 18:41
ı thing trabzonspors forvet are ersen and yattara maybe umut

10.01.2007, 13:38
Maybe Umut has talent to be a good forward, but now unfortunately we dont have good enough forward players..

12.01.2007, 15:19
I like both Umut and Ersen. I think they are both very good :)

12.01.2007, 15:32
I think Umut is the only forward in this team. Ersen can't play with his legs. Only with his head. Ömer Riza can't play football in my meaning.

06.02.2007, 00:27
We have bought an attacking midfielder, Ceyhun Eriş.

He's having good skills, such as agility, goalscoring, flair; but having a deficency of dealing with refree's judgements too much unnecessarily. That sometimes gives him the support of the fans by the aggresiveness.

I hope he'll be efficient and profitable in the current team

#20 Ceyhun Eriş

21.10.2007, 17:05
your best forward is omer you just dont know it yet and you may never know because he is not played

02.09.2008, 22:38
every time gökhan

03.09.2008, 22:40
off course gökhan is the best but we mustnt forget the reality of umut =)

03.09.2008, 23:00
The real forwarders in Trabzonspor are all of Trabzonspor's players

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