Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Real Madrid Dunya`nin En Zengin Kulubu

The Londoner
16.02.2006, 11:53
<H3>Real Madrid, Manchester United`in uzun yillardir (8 yildir)elinde bulundurdugu dunyanin en zengin kulubu olma unvanini ele gecirdi. </H3>
<H3>Son bir kac yildir, saha sonuclari pek ic acici olmayan Real Madrid, yonetimsel veticari basarianlaminda diger kulupler icin bir model olmaya devam ediyor. </H3>

Ilk 10`da 4 Ingiliz, 3 Italyan, 2 Ispanyol ve 1 Alman takimi yer almis.En zengin 10 kulubun siralamasi ise soyle:

1. Real Madrid 2. Manchester United 3. AC Milan 4. Juventus 5. Chelsea 6. Barcelona 7. Bayern Munich 8. Liverpool 9. Inter Milan 10. Arsenal

Asagidaki haberde konunun detaylari yer almakta...
<H3>Real overtake Man United as world's richest club</H3><SMALL id=yspartclsrc>Thu 16 Feb, 6:45 AM</SMALL><BR clear=all>

LONDON (Reuters) - Real Madrid have overtaken Manchester United to become the richest club in world football, ending the English club's eight-year reign at the top.

The Football Money League report published by consultants Deloitte on Thursday also shows that combined revenues from the game's top 20 earning teams broke through the three billion euros (2 billion pounds) barrier for the first time. (Ilk 20 kulubun toplam geliri ilk defa 3 Milyar Euro sinirini asmis)
<DIV ="ad-in">Real's income of 275.7 million euros (188 million pounds) for the 2004-05 season saw the club's revenue grow 17 percent year-on-year, dislodging United (168 million pounds) from top spot for the first time in the report's nine-year history. (Real`in gelirleri gecen yil % 17 artis gostermis)</DIV>

Much of Real's success was down to the Spanish club capitalising on the global appeal of players like David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, and Ronaldo, the report said.

"Real have transformed their revenues, doubling them in only four years," said Deloitte partner Dan Jones. (Real gelirlerini 4 yilda ikiye katlamis)

"Although president Florentino Perez's strategy of recruiting world class â??galactico' players has not necessarily delivered the anticipated on-pitch results recently, their presence has facilitated a transformation in the club's financial performance," he added.


Italy's AC Milan remained third on 234 million euros, while Serie A rivals Juventus, who clinched their 28th scudetto last season, were next after seeing a seven percent rise in revenue despite having the lowest average attendance in the top 20. (Milan 3. sirayi alirken, Italya sampiyonu Juventus, ustelik en zengin yirmi takim icinde seyirci ortalamasi en dusuk takim oldugu halde 4. olmus)

Champions Chelsea, bought and bankrolled by Russian oil billionaire Roman Abramovich since July 2003 slipped a place to fifth with 220.8 million after being last year's highest climbers. (Gecen yilin en buyuk sicrama gosteren takimi Chelsea bir sira gerileyerek 5. olmus)

Barcelona, who play Chelsea in the Champions League knockout phase next week, moved up a place after a 23 percent rise in revenue, helped by winning the Spanish title and despite continuing to resist taking any lucrative shirt sponsorship. (Forma reklami almamakta israr eden Ispanya sampiyonu Barcelona % 23`luk gelir artisi ile 6. sirada)

The remaining top 10 places are filled by Bayern Munich (189.5 million euros) European champions Liverpool (181.2), Inter Milan (177.2) and Arsenal (171.3) (Bayern 7., Avrupa Sampiyonu Liverpool 8., Inter MIlan 9. ve Arsenal 10. olmus)


The report points to a possible shift away from the dominance of English and Italian clubs, with a rise in the status of French and German teams predicted. (Raporda finansal anlamda guc dengesinin onumuzdeki yillarda Ingiliz ve Italyan kuluplerinden Fransiz ve Alman kuluplerine gecebilecegi ihtimaline dikkat cekiliyor)

"During the next few seasons, we expect to see a stronger financial showing from German and French clubs. In each country there are new broadcast deals that will significantly enhance clubs' revenue," it says.

Stadia development of more than a billion euros ahead of the 2006 World Cup in Germany will also provide select Bundesliga club's "with the opportunity to increase both matchday and non-matchday revenue, as many UK clubs have over the past decade".

Real Madrid, though, remain the success story with a business model other clubs should be looking to emulate.

"Real have â??broken the mould' in terms of revenue growth for football... it is the club's ability to grow commercial revenues that has guided it to the top of the Money League," said Deloitte sports business consultant Austin Houlihan.

"Whilst many clubs have championed the potential of capitalising on the interest in their club outside their domestic market, Real have been successful at actually realising this potential." Edited by: The Londoner

16.02.2006, 11:55
parasiyla rezil olmak da bu olsa gerek o zamansmileys/smiley4.gif( Türkiye'de bir de fenerbahçe örnegi var )

16.02.2006, 12:47
Aslinda borç alacak dengelersek yani muhasebesel bir hesapla bizim klüp
en zengini borç yok canavar gibin PO muz var falan fistik

16.02.2006, 22:35
hani Fenerbahcenin 100 Milyon dolar geliri vardi???gecenlerde hava basiyorlardi...

evdeki hesap carsiya uymadi herhalde..smileys/smiley36.gif

16.02.2006, 23:28
Chelsea neden en zengin kulup degil anlayamadim?

Berk Eren
16.02.2006, 23:53
bizimde gönlumuz zengin napalimsmileys/smiley36.gifsmileys/smiley36.gif

17.02.2006, 01:33
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17.02.2006, 01:49
Chelsea neden en zengin kulup degil anlayamadim?

Zengin olan Rus Baskan,kulüp degil.smileys/smiley2.gifsmileys/smiley4.gif

17.02.2006, 04:35
zenginin mali zügürdün çenesi meselesi iste.zaten para oldum olasi bizi bozmustur...

The Londoner
17.02.2006, 12:27
11-20. sira arasindaki takimlar gelirleriyle (Ingiliz Sterlini bazinda) soyle siralanmis:

11. Roma 89.9 Milyon

12. Newcastle 88.0 Milyon

13. Tottenham 71.3 Milyon

14. Schalke 04 66.5 Milyon

15. Lyon 63.4 Milyon

16. Celtic 63.2 Milyon

17. Manchester City 61.5 Milyon

18. Everton 60.6 Milyon

19. Valencia 57.7 Milyon

20. Lazio 56.7 Milyon

Not: Rakamlarkuluplerin 2005 yili icerisindeki gelirlerini gostermektedir. Dolayisiylakuluplerin yaptiklari kar anlamina gelmemektedir. Gelirlerin yaninda, belki de daha onemlisi karlilik kriterine bakmak gerekir.

#10 Fietra
17.02.2006, 12:55
Allah daha çok bela versin 6alactios.

17.02.2006, 16:05
Chelsea neden en zengin kulup degil anlayamadim?

Zengin olan Rus Baskan,kulüp degil.smileys/smiley2.gifsmileys/smiley4.gif
Ben sey diye biliyorum bazi oyuncularin sözlesmelerini fesh etmelerinden dolayi birhayli tazminat ödemisler.Hepsi bundan kaynaklanmasa da bütçede zarar ettiklerini biliyorum